Mushroom Lab 

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It took me about a week but...I did it!  My new Mushroom Lab!  Now I'm ready to start growing mushrooms on a serious level.


Construction of a Mushroom Lab

I will be the first to tell you...this is to the extreme!  Building an 8 x 8 x 9' room/lab strictly dedicated to growing mushroom spawn, mycelium and cultures just to grow mushrooms?  Well, to be very honest with you, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for the fact that it needed to be done for my company. I don't want to mention the name of my company because I don't want this website to be about 'that'.  Nevertheless, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow many different varieties of edible and medicinal mushrooms right here in my backyard.


Creating the frame
for the first wall
For extra support the first wall will have 2 x 4  16" apart.
I am planning on using the roof for added storage space.

Instead of nails I am using 3 inch wood screws.  So if I make any mistakes I can easily rectify it.
Standing the first wall up and out of the way.

After creating my second wall, which I spaced 2 x 4's at 24" apart and a 30" space for my 29" wide door, I temporarily connected the two walls.
Decided to due a 3rd wall to help support the roof for all of the storage weight it should be holding.

3rd wall is up and temporally fixed in place to the other walls.
This material goes between the wood and the concrete floor for added protection. If this is not done it will eventually wrap and decay the wood.

  • I purchased the necessary drill bit and concrete bolts to fasten the foundation securely to the floor.
It did take a little bit of time but it was worth the added security of having a strong foundation.

Now I have all three walls and the foundation secured.
I purchased 2 x 4 x 10' for the roof. I haven't decided if I'm going to leave the extra hangover was. I do kind of like it.

I just hung my first drywall ever!  It's on the far left-hand side.  I went to for a HOW TO video on trimming drywall.
In hopes of keeping the lab a constant temperature I decided to put insulation in as well.  This should also help with any small air drafts that may find the way into the lab and possible contaminate the air.

This is the first wall up and finished (accept for the putty/tap...etc).
If you look on the ceiling you will notice the first ceiling drywall panel is up.  This was a bitch doing it by myself.  I made a T-Bar out of extra wood to hold up one end.  This should have been a 2-person job...for sure.

Cutting the drywall to size, at least for me, can't be 100% perfect.  The good news is...putty and drywall take should cover all of the imperfections.
Insulation didn't take long at all.  Make sure you ware gloves or your hands & arms will really become itchy!

This is a T-Bar that I made to help me hold up the drywall while I drill it into place.  Remember...I am doing this by myself.  It is a GREAT help!
Because I am new at this I had some gaps between drywall panels.  Purchasing drywall tape is a must!  It allows me to lay putty more efficiently.

After uncurling from the fetal position...I finished hanging my first door ever!
From there it was nothing but hanging drywall, putty, sanding a little and painting.  Check out the video!