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Daily Blog to a Self-Sustaining Existence!
November 2009
Follow the adventures of a family-man determined to get his family to self sufficient while entering the Mayas - New Golden Age of December 21, 2012.  See what it takes to transform a home, yard as well as the mind, body and spirit by becoming involved in such things.  This website is a journal, as well as a guide, to new way of living!



Nov 26, 2009  FIRST ENTREE!

Today is my birthday! Today I turned 42 years old. I don't feel old... but I guess age is relative to each and everyone of us.. 


My wife and kids went all out this year for my birthday and purchased me a very nice reclining chair. My wife says that I deserve it because I worked so hard and get so much. What she doesn't realize is that it is a joy to do it for the family I love so much. But I'll take the chair anyway!


This is also the day that I'm beginning this new website: New Golden Age (ca). My whole life I feel I wanted to be some sort of farmer, 'tree hugger' as well as a spiritual person. Now that I have a home of my own I feel I can do this. My family and I moved into our new house on November 1. One of the first things my wife said to me was, 'the yards are yours and whatever you can do to lower our cost of utilities, Godspeed'... I believe a tear rolled down my cheek that day because I was so happy that finally I have a chance to do all of the ideas that I have had in my head were so many years regarding renewable energy, growing my own food as well as giving back to nature and to myself spiritually.


Also, I now have the means of creating an online journal of my endeavour for all to see and, if you wish, copy for your self. Anytime you wish to comment just shoot me an  email:Michael@NewGoldenAge.ca

Love & Light! Mike




November 27, 2009


Today I went out to my compost heap and found mushrooms growing on top!  So I did a small video:


I own a small company called,
Mushroom Patch, Ltd: http://MushroomPatch.com.

I create mushroom growing kits, sell mushroom growing supplies as well as anything else that has to do with growing gourmet mushrooms. I should be able to utilize my mushroom growing skills into my edible landscape. How cool is that!?!?!?


November 28, 2009

During that time that I moved into the house, November 1, 2009, until now, I did do a few things to the yard. Unfortunately the first week of November my beloved dog died - which slowed me down quite a bit.  Murphy got into the paint and passed away a few days later. That was really hard for me. When I was young I was able to brush off pets dying with no problem at all. But as I get older I become much more attached and realize that they are part of my family.

We took him to the vet and explained what had happened.  After checking the ingredients of the paint we realized that the company put antifreeze in it so it does not freeze during the winter. We decided to take him home for one last night with us and the kids. He slept with my wife all night long, which he did  so often before, as she stroked him on his head and reminded him how much she, and all of us, loved him.

Cyndi and I took him to the vet that afternoon after our kids had one last opportunity to say goodbye. My wife and I made sure that Murphy was looking into our eyes when the vet injected him.  We wanted him to see us as he left this earth.

He was only two years old and such a good, good dog & friend.

Murphy  2007 - 2009
Murphy 2007 - 2009

In honor of Murphy we planted a tree just behind where we laid his body to rest in the corner of our yard. I chose a self-pollinating black cherry semi dwarf tree. Murphy was almost completely black in color thus the black cherry.

Fruit Tree

During then until now I have planted five more semi-dwarf fruit trees in a location that gets plenty of sun all year long:  2 Apples, 2 Pears and a self pollinating Plum tree.

In the spring I will be planting semi dwarf peach and nectarines to finish out the beginning stages of my Permaculture food forest.

Permaculture Food Forest

Last week I built my 1 of 8 raised bed Garden frame.  This is Pine wood that I treated with a sealant in hopes that it will last for many, many years. I was trying to have some garden soil delivered so I could use it as a miniature 'greenhouse' but unfortunately I was too late because most places have put away all of their equipment.

I guess there is no reason why I can't still use it as a greenhouse... it just won't have any dirt inside of it. 
Raised Bed   Raised Bed 2

Love & Light

November 29, 2009

Well, today I have a lot of work to do for my business. I own a small company called: Mushroom Patch, http://MushroomPatch.com.  I mostly create mushroom spawn, growing kits and mushroom plugs. But I also sell almost everything to do with growing mushrooms such as books, DVDs and CD-ROMs as well as the growing equipment.

However, I did find time to begin building a miniature greenhouse utilizing my first of eight raised bed gardens. I purchased a 10' x 1 inch PVC tubing which I used as anchors for my half-inch ( 10 feet long) PVC tubing frame. I cut the 1 inch tubing to approximately 12 inch lengths and pound them into the ground until I had approximately 6 inches sticking up. I did this at the front and the back of the bed first.  then three more, every 2 feet, until I had them evenly distributed. At this point I just stuck the 10 foot long, half-inch PVC tubing into the anchors.

Later today I'll purchased the remaining PVC tubing to finish the last anchors. 

 I am currently waiting to pick up my seeds which I purchased at Heirloom Organics (http://www.non-hybrid-seeds.com).  I purchased the Seed Vault $99 package.  I'm going to beginHeirloom Non-Hybrid Seed list the spinach and lettuce right away. I'm hoping that the miniature greenhouse will be warm enough to grow the lettuce & spanish. I'm getting a lot of seeds so a small amount that may be wasted should not harm me too much for the spring.

I'm sure I'll have more than what I'll need so I may be able to sell some of the seeds in the spring or, create seeds next fall to sell. Remember that this site, and my goal, is to create an edible landscape that will help support my family physically as well as financially. 

Every little bit helps!

Love & Light

November 30, 2009

Today I finished up the framework for my raised bed/greenhouse garden.  I also took off the lid from my compost heap, the one that is growing mushrooms, and replaced it with a clear plastic tarp.  I did this to allow more light to enter and help with the growth of the mushrooms. But we had a very cold night, even formed ice, so I'm not sure what will happen. But fortunately this particular mushroom, white oyster, is very good in cold weather.

Mushroom   Raised Bed Frame

They can even grow in your refrigerator! 

Love & Light