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Top Bar Beehive

The way to self-sustainability is diversity.  Having a lot of 'little things' is much better then relying on a large single way of sustaining yourself & family.  Bees will give you honey, light (wax) and boost your crop yield through pollinating.



I don't know about you guys but I've always wanted a beehive to gather my own personal supply of honey and wax.  Most of the beehives I found seem to be a little much for the backyard urban farmer.  But that was before I came across the Top Bar Beehive in a Mother Earth magazine.


Here is a link to download the Top Bar Beehive - CLICK HERE


I'm not much of a carpenter but I wanted to give it a try.  After reading it over a few times I knew I felt I could do it but I still wasn't confident without a visual direction.  However, I came across Dave's Bees on  This fantastic person took the time to produce videos regarding the construction of the Top Bar beehive.


Take a look below and get started.  I did...April 15, 2011.



PART 1 PART 2   
Part 3 Part 4  
Part 5 Part 6  
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