Survival Guide
for the New Age!

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I'm going to take Self-Sustainability as far as I can take it!  Taking back my control of my food, water and utilities.  One project at a time.


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A Survival Guide to Self-Sustainability





Over the next few years I'll be working towards making changes to my house, yard & lifestyle into a more self-sustaining way of life.  Come with me as I start from ground zero on November 1, 2009!







This website serves not only as my personal diary but as a guide for anyone that's interested in creating a more self-sustaining way of living.  As long as I follow some rules (see below) I may literally create a 'Heaven on Earth' for my entire family.




Four categories to achieve.


Self-Sustainable Projects:  DIY Projects that will help me cut my utility cost & reduce waist.


Permaculture & Intense Gardening: Creating a miniature 'food forest', edible landscape, intense vegetable gardens & mushrooms!


Livestock & Fish: Chickens, fish, rabbits & honey bees.  Incorporating livestock for fertilizers, waist disposal  & protein.


Water Conservation:  Reducing the usage of water and recycling of waste water for different purposes such as cleaning, manufacturing, agricultural irrigation & wildlife.