Self-Sustaining Garden

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Bottom line...grow as much food as possible and preserve it for as long as possible.  I want to create a food landscape! 

Perennial and intense vegetable gardening will be the key.




Intense Gardening

When it comes to survival nothing else can take first place over food production. So intense gardening can be the difference between just having extra vegetables during the summer to surviving completely on what is grown.


Vegetable Garden Permaculture Mushrooms Edible Landscape
Intense Vegetable Gardens Permaculture Food Forest Growing Mushrooms Edible Landscaping
Using Raised Beds Mini  Food Forest Growing Mushrooms The Secret Garden

My wife Cyndi has known for the last 14 years of our marriage that my dreams have always focused around self-sustaining ones self and family. That's why it was not a big surprise to me when she told me that I could do whatever I wanted to our new backyard.   All she asked was for a small area of solitude where she can relax and privacy...a Secret Garden.


There's no reason that we have to neglect beauty to create sustainable food sources.  This may be a long journey but I believe it's a journey worth taking.