Frog Pond!

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Simple and inexpensive
Frog Pond

My mane reason for this pond was to bring nature to my Food Forest to give it more diversity.  The more wildlife you have the more control over the insect population.  No insecticides necessary! 


Pond in the woods This was very simple.  Measure the size of the pond you want.  Dig it out.  Make sure the size will match your liner.
Take a level, and a 2x4 or 2x8, and lay it across the sides to make sure the pond is level so that the water isn't running over on one end while it is to low an another. Digging out the Pond
Pond with stones Lay some nice stones around the pond and that's about it! 
Established Pond I dug about 2' deep on one end and about 10" deep (shallow) on another.  This allowed frogs to into and leave easily.  It is a very nice addition to my FOOD FOREST. Pretty Flower